SRM’s DigitalMAP Helps Credit Unions Excel in Today’s Digital Ecosystem

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SRM (Strategic Resource Management), an independent advisory firm serving financial institutions and other industries across North America and Europe, announced that through the acquisition of Sievewright & Associates, its DigitalMAP is available to credit union leadership teams.

DigitalMAP helps credit unions understand the quality and competitiveness of their current digital capabilities and how they can drive further improvements. The assessment process is vital in developing a digital transformation roadmap or action plan based on a credit union’s strategic goals and appetite for innovation. The DigitalMAP assessment process has already been completed at credit unions spanning nearly all asset classes.

“A key challenge for credit unions is understanding how they can improve the overall member experience and compete with the ever-expanding array of digital capabilities offered by their competitors,” noted Mark Sievewright, Founder of Sievewright & Associates and Chief Credit Union Strategist at SRM. “Credit union leaders understand the strategic imperative of digital transformation, and DigitalMAP provides them with a unique set of insights and ideas on how to achieve their goals.”

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