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Strategic Planning

Support with the design and development of your Strategic Plan to include Vision and Mission, business growth strategies, member engagement strategies, technology and operations strategies, financial plans and related staffing needs.

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Speaking Engagements

Dynamic, informative and educational presentations centered on relevant industry topics and tailored to target specific audiences such as: attendees at industry conferences; Board of Directors and/or Strategic Planning meetings; Senior Leadership meetings; and, employee meetings.

Technology Strategy Consulting

Trusted advice on how to develop and execute the right kind of technology strategy to support your business strategy and objectives. Confidently decide when and how to invest in emerging technologies.

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Regulatory Guidance and Government Relations

Determine the nature and impact of regulatory changes on your business, and determine their strategic and operational implications (such as Field of Membership expansion). Delivered by renowned industry leaders who provide knowledge-based counsel and have a voice with key policy makers and leaders.

Industry Trends Perspectives

Drawing on our vast industry experience and expertise, we provide Information and actionable insights relating to the most relevant and impactful industry developments, innovations and trends.

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Retail Mobile Banking Benchmarking

Sievewright & Associates and FI Navigator Corporation have entered into an agreement to provide credit unions with the most comprehensive mobile banking benchmarking solution in the marketplace. The report provides data for a three year period as of March 31, 2017 covering the nearly 2,900 U.S. credit unions offering a retail mobile banking application and the nearly 50 vendors that serve them.

The Industry

The financial services industry is undergoing profound change driven by:

  • Rapid advances in technology
  • Regulatory changes
  • Shifts in consumer behavior and demographics
  • An unprecedented number of fintech firms (including start-ups) that are fueling innovation

Achieving strong business performance while navigating these changes is immensely challenging for credit unions and those that provide services to them.

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