BOSTON | (BUSINESS WIRE) | Jun 4, 2021

FiVerity, Inc., a leading provider of cyber fraud detection and threat intelligence, announces that executives from the Federal Reserve will join next Cyber Fraud Intelligence Series event to address, “ Defining the Threat of Synthetic Identity Fraud.”

This special event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th at 2pm EST. The ongoing cyber fraud series focuses on exploring the emerging, identity-based and fraud-driven cyber threats and specifically designed for executives and operational leaders at banks, credit unions, and credit card processors.

Core Focus:

Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is reported to be one of the fastest-growing types of financial crime in the United States, accounting for billions in losses annually. Moreover, the use of multiple definitions for synthetic identity fraud throughout the industry poses a fundamental problem – inconsistent categorization and reporting, making it difficult to identify and mitigate this type of fraud.

This special cyber fraud webinar will focus why an industry recommended definition of SIF is needed, key factors that guided the definition, and feedback from the industry.

Event: Defining the Threat of Synthetic Identity Fraud

When: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 at 2pm EST


Michael Timoney – Vice President, Secure Payments, Federal Reserve Bank

Staci Shatsoff – Assistant Vice President, Secure Payments, Federal Reserve Bank

Greg Woolf – CEO of FiVerity and member of the Federal Reserve’s SIF Focus Group

Moderator:  Mark Sievewright, founder & CEO Sievewright & Associates

Where: Special Cyber Fraud Intelligence Series session: Click HERE to register.

About FiVerity

FiVerity, Inc., is a groundbreaking cyber fraud detection company, utilizing machine learning and secure identity management to prevent sophisticated forms of cyber fraud. The company’s SynthID ® platform is focused on thwarting cyber fraud threats at financial institutions in real time, including synthetic identity fraud (SIF), one of the fastest-growing financial crimes. FiVerity delivers actionable, proactive threat intelligence to banks, credit unions, and credit card providers helping strengthen and scale their consumer lending, customer onboarding, and payments processes.

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